VCCLHosting launching a new data center in India

Data Center in India Pune

Thank you for being with VCCLHosting. VCCLHosting would like to let you know that, we are launching a new data center in India with high-speed connectivity. To provide minimum latency and connectivity we setting our data center in India, at Pune. It will be beneficial to the users of the Asia region with better connectivity … Read more

[Giveaway AlertšŸ”„] Enter in a contest to Win Exciting Prizes

Giveaway for bloggers

Contest for Bloggers & Website Developers This ‘Contest for Bloggers’ is dedicated to the people who are developers/ bloggers or have an interest in it. At the end of this contest, from the participated contestant we will select lucky winners. Kindly check the rules for giveaway participation and the winning prices below. Lorem ipsum dolor … Read more

Know these 5 benefits, why you should buy a dedicated server

buy a dedicated server vcclhosting

A lot of users who want to buy Hosting and cloud services are often confused while choosing the server type for their use and thus in this blog, we are going to discuss dedicated servers. As per your needs, you can choose a shared server, cloud server or dedicated server as per the performance you … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on Choosing SSL Certificate for Your Website

SSL Certificate

SSL(Secure Socket Layer) is issued by Certificate Authority. SSL certificate is used to set up a secure connection between website, host or server. It enables the encryption of the information transmitted. It helps to boost customer confidence. When a customer is sharing information there is a chance of information theft. To avoid that the information … Read more

What is an SSL Certificate? 2+ main types of SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate? Different Types of SSL

What is an SSL Certificate? What are the different types of SSL certificates? These two questions might be for every new website developer or blogger. Because having this feature in your website gives strength to stand our website in this worldwide web. Most people who have online shopping phobia avoid buying anything online because most … Read more

How to install WordPress in cPanel (3 Best Methods)

How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous and other methods

All over the world, there are an estimated 64 million websites built on WordPress and over 400 million people visit WordPress Websites every month. Another interesting thing is daily over 600 new websites builds on WordPress. I think these stats are enough to know the popularity of WordPress websites. As looking at the demand, in … Read more

What is Firewall? What are the 6 types of Firewall?

What is Firewall? What are the types of Firewall Security?

While today, the internet has been making our lives easier than ever before, but it also brings with him some disasters that cannot be recovered, yes!!!!!!!!! I am talking about loopholes of the internet which are making internet usage damn crazy dangerous and increasing Cyber-Crime at a never before growing rate. Thus, Cyber-Security becomes an … Read more

How to use VCCLHosting’s Free Website Builder from Scratch?

Free Website Builder in India

VCCLHosting is India’s leading dedicated server provider which is in the market since 2016. We believe in customers satisfaction with affordable pricing. We prefer to use highly advanced server configuration as well as give priority to provide maximum benefits to our customer. As you know with every server we offering SSD Disk and SSL Certificate, … Read more