What is the meaning of RAM? Understand its Popular 2 Types

Get to know What is the meaning of RAM? and How does RAM affect the server. Understand the differences between the two types of RAM

Meaning of RAM

RAM is the hardware where the data currently in use is stored and accessed by the device’s processor. RAM stands for Random access memory. It’s known as the short-term memory of a computer. RAM acts as a functional tool to serve to increase its pace. Let’s understand this with the help of an example e.g.: There is an assistant to a businessman What she does do? She takes care of numerous things and creates a clear path for the businessman to perform his tasks hassle-free.

RAM is a kind of temporary storage. it enables access to any particular data at a much faster speed but it can’t store it permanently. It can store it for only a short period as there an only some things that you can take care of at once. RAM can only store the data when it is actually being used through RAM after that the progress is lost. For eg: Suppose you are writing a document on Microsoft Word and you don’t save it Suddenly power goes off along with that all your progress is gone. RAM storage gets wiped off along with the power cut.

RAM can process information more quickly than hard disk at a remarkable pace. For eg: You are using two tabs simultaneously Once you are using a website like Wikipedia then you go into another tab gaming app like Subway Surfers After playing the game when you go back to the Wikipedia page it doesn’t load quickly but the same page opens fastly when you shut it down and open again that’s because the second time it was accessed via RAM.

RAM is also known as the main memory of the computer and CPU is known as the brain of the computer, it is responsible for processing and making decisions about what happens if instructions are received from any storage device such as (a hard drive or SSD) further they’re processed by CPU and read, written and completed by RAM.

Meaningof RAM
Meaning of RAM

Types of RAM


It stands for “dynamic random access memory”. It stores bits of data in an integrated circuit, and it requires heavy amounts of voltage. It has comparatively higher access time than SRAM even though it’s located near the processor


It stands for “static random access memory”. It is used to build cache memory. This kind of memory requires constant access to power, and it has comparatively lower access time than DRAM hence it’s way costlier than DRAM. Let’s understand this with the help of an example

Eg: Imagine you are writing a document in Microsoft Word but you don’t save it and move on to the next tab, then technically it’s not in the RAM and also not in the hard disk then how is it still retained? It’s saved in cache memory and as soon as the power supply cuts off we all know the document also goes along with it

Types of RAM

Difference between DDR3 and DDR4

In the market there are mainly two types of RAM data available DDR3 and DDR4, Both of these are types of computer memory that help in storing and providing access to data to the processor to run tasks quickly

Established inIt was established in 2007It was established in 2014
Memory sizeIt has a memory size of 16 GbIt has a memory size of 16 GB
Clock speed It varies from 400 to 1066 MHzIt varies from 1066 to 2133 MHz
Data RateIt operates with a data rate of up to 2133 MT/s (Million Transfers per Second).It Operates with a data rate starting from 2133 MT/s and can go much higher.
Voltage It operates at 1.5V.It operates at 1.2V
Table showing the difference between DDR3 and DDR4

How does RAM affect the work of the Server

Let’s understand how RAM affects the working of the Server. As we all have understood by now, that

a. RAM acts as a functionality tool for better working of the overall computer. RAM helps in storing and quickly accessing data from anywhere, which helps in improving the overall performance of the server

b.RAM helps in performing multiple tasks with much faster speed and efficiency improving user experience

c. Ram helps in caching which helps in storing material temporarily without bothering it to save it and then when done deleting it

d. RAM increases the working of the database efficiently as it can quickly access it and also database stores some data in RAM so that it can be read and written fast which satisfies user experience

e. As RAM can improve user experience to such an extent it can help in creating and acquiring more potential customer base

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