How does Web Hosting affect SEO: 7 Factors that impact rankings

Here’s a complete guide to How does Web Hosting affect SEO.

In today’s highly evolving internet world search engine optimization is a critical element for your online presence and success.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search engine optimization in basic words can be said as to create your digital presence higher on search engine platforms like Google and Yahoo.

Search engine optimization helps to grow your website’s presence organically and it can help people discover you and your brand, and as we all know nothing quite matches the power of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth publicity when it comes to winning hearts and minds – it’s the “og” influence and superior goodwill creator which can’t be achieved via any marketing tactic.

Whether you are a business owner, a small website creator, or even a freelancer, search engine optimization plays a major role in your online presence and visibility.

It’s easy to get into various aspects of search engine optimization, such as keyword research, back links , and technical SEO factors such as schema markup and mobile friendliness. But as we all know it’s the small tweaks that embarks a major difference between good and great. There is an underrated factor that people have not yet discovered the potential of, that is none other than your web hosting provider. So let’s see How does Web Hosting affect SEO

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? Web hosting can be said as buying a space on the internet to make your website visible and accessible to the audience.

It might seem a bit unusual how can your web hosting provider affect your SEO?

So let’s understand this with the help of an example if A=B=C, then isn’t A relevant to C? A may not be affecting C directly, but isn’t it indirectly affecting it? So in the same sense, your website is affected by your web hosting and your search engine optimization is affected by your website.

In this blog, we will explore the undiscovered connections and impact of your Web hosting provider on your Website’s SEO , from page Speed to server location, mobile friendliness and data center location. We will look at the various facets that affect the search engine optimization of your website due to web hosting. So lets begin with this topic about How does Web Hosting affect SEO

How does Web Hosting affect SEO.
How Does Hosting Affect Your SEO?

Web Hosting and SEO: How does Web Hosting affect SEO

Let’s have a look at How Web Hosting and SEO affect overall ranking and working of a website.

1. Server downtime:

Starting from an e-commerce website to a blog, nobody wants their website to crash or be unavailable at any given moment in time.

Even a small fraction of time can cause potential sales, traffic, productivity and monetary loss beyond imagination. Not only that if anyone comes to your website and it is unavailable even a few times it may create an infamous reputation for your website, harm your goodwill and question your reliability.

It is also been found that sometimes if Google finds your website unavailable it may de-index you. While nobody can give a hundred percent uptime guarantee. Many web hosting’s provide a 99.9% time guarantee, one of which is VCCL hosting.

2. Site speed:

In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to wait as there is an alternative to everything. How long do you think a potential customer will wait for your website to be loaded before bouncing to another website?

The probability of bounce rate increases by 32%. If a page load time goes from even 1 second to 3 seconds. One of the key and important elements to make your website rank is to make your website quickly loaded. an ideal website load time can be said as 2.6 seconds.

There are certain tools available in the market to check out your current website. Speed such as:
A. Page speed insights
B. GT Metrix

Once you know your website speed, try to identify elements that make your website slower and fix them. Hence we can say that Web Hosting and SEO are significantly impactful on each other.

3. Support staff:

The primary element of a Web hosting provider or any company in that consideration, it’s their duty to understand the urge of the customer and be available to them in any problem and at any given point in time.

We have already seen how some technical website issues such as downtime can affect your SEO majorly. Hence, it is important to have a web hosting provider that not only provides customer service but also optimum and competent technical support whenever required.

You can choose a web hosting provider by their overall company reputation by looking at their service reviews and their availability as the website can crash at any given point in time, choose a hosting provider that is available 24/7.

4. Security

In today’s devious world where everything is possible, it’s our own responsibility to be aware and save ourselves from any kind of damage. Would you like to like to visit and buy from a site that is not secure?

Hosting providers can be said as secure when hosting providers are reliable for anything regarding websites as they provide SSI certificates for encrypted connections, firewall security for any unauthorized access and many such facets.

Back in 2014, Google made HTTPS a ranking factor in search engines. as it provides encrypted use as well as creates a sense of security in the user’s mind.

How does Web Hosting affect SEO

5. Server location:

How does the server location affect the SEO?

Well the logic behind this is suppose most of the consumers are located in United Kingdom but your server location is in United Arab Emirates. The time required to travel information from one point of the network to another point delays data transfer and reduces website speed.

Server location also affects bounce rate as the lower the speed, the higher the bounce rate.

You may need to abide by different norms and regulations depending on where your website’s data is housed. This is crucial for SEO because breaking these rules may lead to the temporary removal of your website.

For instance, several nations have tight regulations regarding the preservation of data; if your hosting server is situated in an area that does not comply with these regulations, your website may encounter legal problems. To prevent SEO hiccups and even legal repercussions, it’s imperative that the hosting locations you select comply with the data storage policies of your intended audience.

6. Hosting limitations:

How does web host limitations affect your SEO?

Well, let’s dive into this, some web hosting providers have some unusual limitations that can indirectly affect your SEO. Although these hosting restrictions might not have a direct effect on SEO, they might have an impact on the goals you have for your website.

For example, if you are unable to configure your site appropriately or set up the essential redirects and there’s improper implementation of canonical tags, which results in duplicate content issues, poor user experience and crawl errors. As a result, it’s critical to confirm that your hosting company can handle the regular functions and duties you need for your website to function properly and achieve your SEO objectives

7. Type of Web Hosting:

There is a variety of web hosting available in the market and the kind of web hosting you choose impacts significantly your Website SEO. Such as:

a. Free Web Hosting: Free web hosting can be said that User doesn’t have to pay any sum of money to acquire their Web hosting services. this kind of service may feel tempting at first, but they have various setbacks such as no custom themes, no custom domains, no access to backend adjustments, no access to .htaccess files etc. Which will not only affect SEO but also the working of the website.

b. Shared hosting: In this type of web hosting multiple websites share resources of a single server, this is preferable for websites that are in their initial phase and have a low traffic. It’s a cost-effective path. These websites are interdependent on each other, which can highly impact SEO of all of these websites. For example: If any one of the websites faces huge traffic it can slow your website which can not only affect SEO but overall working of the website

c. VPS Hosting: VPS is a kind of web hosting in which a single server is divided into fixed spaces and given to users. It is preferred for websites that have mediocre traffic. Although these websites share the same server’s resources. However, they are not interdependent on each other, which not only provides fixed and reliable resources but any issue that occurs in their website, it’s their own doing. Hence websites’ overall working and SEO is purely dependent on their own work.


Many website creators choose a web hosting service based on its bandwidth, price and various other storage options. But as of now, we’ve seen, How does Web Hosting affect SEO. Though Google doesn’t care about the kind of web host you choose, it certainly cares about various facets such as speed that is directly dependent upon your web hosting provider. A website is highly dependent upon its web hosting . A bad web host can even make a seamless website of no use. Hence we can say that Web hosting and SEO are highly dependent and impactful on each other.

VCCL Hosting can be an one-spot solution for all your problems. As it prevails with blazing fast speeds, ensuring quick loading. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your site stays accessible for users and search engines most of the time. Our Indian data centers optimize server location for local SEO, while robust security and responsive support make VCCL Hosting a top choice for scaling and enhancing online presence.

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